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At The Intentionality Firm, our unwavering mission is to champion neurodivergent individuals, embracing the limitless opportunities that await them. Guided by intention, we dedicate ourselves to celebrating every stride forward. 

Our core commitment revolves around "intention" – a purposeful and deliberate pledge to reshape the professional world. But what's "neurodivergent"? It refers to those whose neurological development diverges from the norm. Our aim is clear: we're nurturing a workplace culture that not only acknowledges but truly values these unique perspectives.

How do we bring this vision to life? Through active awareness raising and essential education for employers. We illuminate the importance of broadening their outlook on interviews and workplace culture. Our firm belief is that inclusivity thrives when we broaden our horizons.


But our mission extends beyond awareness. We empower neurodivergent individuals with the essential tools for success. This encompasses comprehensive career planning, top-tier interview preparation, and stellar resume building. Our ultimate goal? To foster an environment where every individual can flourish on their professional journey.

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